From a very early age, Catherine identified that she had a love and strength for planning. Whether organizing a family play, orchestrating a party or crafting a road trip with her father, the act of stringing together details to create something extraordinary and memorable became a favorite pastime.  After extensive childhood travel with her family and an adventure studying abroad she learned that most everyone enjoyed the opportunity to take a vacation.  What has been eye opening in the last few years is that not everyone has the time or adoration for the design phase to make travel dreams a reality.

After nearly two successful decades in the financial services industry, Catherine launched Catherine Parkin Travel with the aim to deliver lasting memories for families, friends and individuals who believe that life is brief and making the most of our time is of the utmost importance.  Now, as a mother of two, Catherine understands the challenge of raising gracious global citizens.  She believes that giving your children, or friends or family, the gift of “wings” rather than “things” helps them to gain a deeper appreciation for their own surroundings.  

Give your children wings…not things.

Travel provides the opportunity to enrich understanding, instill a sense of wonder, and bring families and friends closer together.  Catherine is here to guide you through this process, customize to your needs and preferences, and handle all the details to help you create cherished memories to last a lifetime.